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Minuteman Implant Club, Inc
209 Rolling Ridge Rd.
Amherst, MA 01002

The Minuteman Implant Club (MIC) is an organization of implant users, family, friends, and professionals that have an interest in cochlear implants. The Minuteman Implant Club, Inc. (MIC) also is a non-profit organization under IRS 501(c)(3). Thus, contributions to MIC are tax-deductible.

We meet five times a year to share experiences, listen to guest speakers, and support one another. Our meetings can include presentations, club news, and a social time. Generally our meetings last two hours. We have an annual summer picnic and a mid-winter social that is family-focused with activities for children. The club also hosts a biennial weekend convention.

The MIKE is the club newsletter. The newsletter keeps members aware of club activities and other events of interest. Each issue includes articles and photographs taken at recent club events. You can choose to either have printed copies sent to you or you can read the electronic edition on www.cisupport.org.

The board consists of:

President: Terri Charles

Vice-President: Larry Orloff

Treasurer: Rebecca Wathen-Dunn

Secretary: David Robbins

Directors-at-Large: DeWayne Allen, Jarlath Crowe, Joan Celebi & Cathy Pendleton

Program Co-ordinator: Marilyn Neault, Ph.D.

Layout Artist, The Mike: Rebecca Wathen-Dunn

Membership Secretary: Jarlath Crowe

CART Co-ordinator: John Anderson

Webmistress: Rebecca Wathen-Dunn

Refreshments Co-ordinator: Terri Charles

Registration: DeWayne Allen

MIC Youth Advisory Board: Lisa Munson, Chair,
Hannah Barrett, Lily Barrett, Stephen Heitman & Erica Israel